Instrument Design

     Scientists frequently need to gather data using methods that are highly specific to their field. Instruments and equipment for many of these purposes would have too small of a market to be commercially available. Very few scientists have the luxury of a dedicated machine shop, and even fewer have been introduced to the power and affordability of custom fabrication. As a result, many scientists eat away at their own productivity with off-the-shelf equipment. If you have ever asked yourself how certain scientists in your field can produce results with superhuman speed – this is one of the best kept secrets. If you feel like you have more work than time, then you should consider custom instrumentation. Verdant’s enthusiastic engineers will take you through the fascinating range of possibilities.

Instrument Design

     The solution to some problems might be an instrument that doesn’t yet exist. In these cases, we use the latest in science and technology to provide you with the best solutions while minimizing expense. We provide you with detailed 4D models at each round of revisions (example below), followed by a working prototype, and culminating in the manufacture of a professional scientific instrument. Verdant’s design team has won awards from international competitions. We can help you capitalize on your problem and become a pioneer in your field.

 Example 4D Design Model Video

Instrument Modifications

     But not all situations require reinventing the proverbial wheel. We’re typically able to offer solutions that draw from resources are already available to the lab. For example, devices can be interfaced together to combine measurements and reduce workload. Repetitive tasks can be performed, logged, and analyzed automatically. Instruments which might be regarded obsolete can be modified and used in perpetuity – on secure, modern operating systems – at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

     A world of potential exists in every lab, and we’re passionate about helping people to discover it. There’s no cost to meet with our design team, and we guarantee no pressure. Schedule a brainstorming session today by contacting

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