Verdant Announces Free Support Options

A growing number of labs are turning to DIY strategies to reduce overhead, which unfortunately leaves them with nowhere to turn for professional assistance. In response, Verdant has taken two unprecedented steps to help: First, we’ve introduced a range of free support services. Second, we’ve established a growing DIY & self-service resource for help with most common issues. We believe that knowledge is meant to be shared, so we’re making ours available at no cost.

As a general guideline, free services include anything we can provide remotely within the context of a conversation, and paid services include anything requiring a site visit or dedicated labor (such as design work). For now, free support is limited to labs within our geographical coverage (the Midwestern US) – as a small business, this is so we aren’t immediately overwhelmed.

What can I get help with?

If in you’re a small lab or on a tight budget, we just might become your new best friend. We can help you with almost anything related to lab equipment. We can troubleshoot if something isn’t working right. We can offer guidance if you’re considering an acquisition. We can advise on repair options if something breaks. We can help you locate replacement parts or manuals. Doing it yourself shouldn’t have to mean doing it alone, so we’ve got your back. Repair & maintenance support is free unless it’s necessary to arrange a site visit. If you do need someone to stop out, you won’t have to stress over it because our pricing is very reasonable.

You can also ask the design team questions. We can help you explore a world of new options, painlessly, and a sales agent will never pester you with follow-ups. We can identify opportunities to simplify, integrate, and automate the processes in your lab. When you need a project completed quickly and professionally, that’s why we’re here – and many projects boost productivity enough to pay for themselves. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, we can steer you toward the proper resources to tackle the project yourself. Free support includes idea generation, general Q&A, feasibility / cost-benefit estimates, but not design engineering or manufacturing labor.

How does it work?

When you have a question, just reach out and ask – it couldn’t be simpler. You can use any contact method you prefer: a phone call, a text, an e-mail, Skype, live-chat, or message us on Facebook. You can typically expect a response very quickly, usually within the same day.

This is awesome. But, why are you doing this for free?

Simply put: we hope to grow new business relationships. In an industry notorious for high prices and poor service, many potential clients would never ask what makes us stand out or how we could help them. By providing support that normally requires a service contract for free, our goal is to help you feel comfortable starting a dialogue. We’ve run labs ourselves, so we know the pressures you’re facing – and we understand that budgets aren’t getting any bigger. Besides, hasn’t everyone had enough of high-priced service contracts that spend pages outlining all the service that isn’t included?

There really isn’t a catch?

Not for you. We’re taking the calculated risk that these new relationships will generate enough business to sustain the practice. You won’t be expected to subsidize that risk in any way. We work hard to be the best, so we’re simply betting that you’ll agree and choose our services when the time comes. You don’t have to sign up for anything, you won’t be bombarded with pushy emails, and this isn’t just a clever ploy to solicit unnecessary service calls. We really just want to grow our business, and see this as a great opportunity for everyone to give us a try.

How long will free support last?

We fully intend for this decision to be permanent, but reserve the right to withdraw the offer if it becomes unsustainable.