Microscope Adapter Expands Science Education

Smartphones are a part of daily life, and each new feature developed is an opportunity for innovation. One example is an inexpensive adapter recently developed by Verdant which allows a smartphone to interface with a microscope. Designed as a minor convenience, its impact on science education was completely unexpected.

With educational budgets stretched thin, schools are frequently forced to choose other priorities over microscopes. Institutional quality microscopes cost several hundred dollars each, and camera attachments run into the thousands. But educators are no longer forced to do without while the necessary tools rest in their pockets.

The adapter allows a single microscope to have an immeasurable impact by allowing a smartphones to stand-in for the expensive hardware. The adapter makes it easy to capture images for handouts; record videos for presentations; and project a single microscope’s display to an entire classroom in real-time. New collaborations between parents and educators are even creating opportunities for home-schooled students to receive quality scientific education within the public domain.

The adapter is not yet available for purchase, but demonstration models are available to local scientists and educators for testing.