Instrument Support

Support Overview

   Verdant offers clear and simple service contracts, affordable emergency services, and comprehensive expert support. We’re tired of dealing with bureaucracies too, so we’ll never make you fill out a form to get help. You’ll always be able to reach a real person by phone, and our engineers will know you by name rather than ticket number. We’ll take care of you when you need help, and it’s as simple as that.

Verdant offers GLP/GMP laboratory support services including:

  • Instrument maintenance & repair
  • NIST traceable calibration
  • Process validation
  • Instrument Performance Verification (IPV: IQ/OQ/PQ)
  • Stability testing
  • Daily checks & operations
  • Instrument training
  • Regulatory consultation & audit coaching
  • Sustainability guidance

Service Contract Support

   Deciding on a service contract shouldn’t feel like gambling or divination. But we don’t treat service contracts like equipment insurance, so no one needs to call Miss Cleo. Instead we focus on preventative maintenance and support, which aligns our interests with your own: our costs stay low because your instruments stay in service. This is why our service contracts don’t limit service calls.

   Our service contracts represent an ongoing, interactive relationship where we work to anticipate and prevent problems – not just fix them. First we take an inventory of your equipment and maintain a stock of the most frequently replaced parts. This eliminates lead-time for most common repairs. Then we create maintenance & calibration schedule including automated reminders to schedule appointments. We also ensure your scientists are trained on the best practices. Training gaps are the largest source of instrument down-time, and eliminating them saves everyone from ill-timed surprises.

   We maintain a network of experts with expertise spanning the commonplace to the niche. This gives us the advantage of being able to support your suite of instrumentation without the need to keep track of multiple service contracts. We always cover the small items in your lab at no additional charge. We’re disappointed to see auto-pipettes and thermal cyclers thrown away because of high maintenance costs. We cover them during our normal service calls, and together, we keep them out of landfills. We can even help with regulatory compliance and audit preparation. Whatever you need, we’re available day or night.

   We recommend service contracts because they’re more cost effective than the “wait-and-fix” approach. Properly maintained equipment doesn’t fail as often. Just like changing the oil in your car – regular preventative maintenance will save time and money down the road. Instrument failures can set your lab behind; impact the validity of your data; and even bring your regulatory compliance into question. Run-down equipment that’s prone to fail will also impact the morale of your lab.

Stand-alone Support Calls

   When you need help, simply give us a call and we will typically arrive within 24 hours. Verdant has a unique flat daily rate that includes all travel and 8 hours of labor. Once your primary concern has been addressed, our engineer will use the remainder of the time to address any other instruments at your discretion. This affords you the flexibility to cover a range of issues that would not normally be worth a service call. It also empowers you to accomplish more without waiting for upper management approval. We believe you’ll agree that a flat daily rate has many advantages over the hourly system used by major companies to inflate their bill.

   We consider service calls a great opportunity to show you what sets Verdant apart, so we even forgive the cost of the service call if you decide to sign on for a service contract. Contact us to set up a meeting, because an existing relationship will help us respond faster and more effectively. We can be reached at the phone number in the sidebar, messaged on Facebook, or emailed at

A digital copy of our brochure can be downloaded for additional details.